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Words of Promise

You are your bigg4est obstacle to success. Only you can stop God's plan for your life. Others will not stop God. Martin Mawyer...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by BrotherDocs

I Just Did Something

I just did something that every instinct in my body was telling me I probably shouldn't have done. It wasn't a big thing or even a very important thing but I may live to regret it. What was...... Read More
Posted 6 hours ago by AmalaTsering

One yucky job complete

Scrubbing the bathroom walls and ceiling in order to prep for paint is not fun. Especially that last corner over the toilet. My step stool couldn't get me close enough to reach comfortably, so I...... Read More
Posted 11 hours ago by maggiesnextphase

Best City In The Greater Toronto Area?

Poll: The City With The Most Beautiful Women?... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by wesleyonrot

Good Grief

HELLO! I can't believe it's been over well over a month sense I was last here. I have no real excuse except I simply forgot to swing by and say hi and see how everyone is doing. Nothing real...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by ricciw55

Lasagna, an alarrm & a flower

1) It is so great to have an Italian neighbor---an Italian neighbor who loves to cook--an Italian neighbor who loves to cook and is a good cook--an Italian neighbor who loves to cook and thinks of he...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by greatmartin

Number 29

Yesterday I underwent biopsy number 29. I was dreading it. Covid interrupted my normal schedule of cystoscopies and I sensed something major was wrong. Luckily, sometimes feelings aren’t facts...... Read More
Posted 23 hours ago by epiphanettes

Don't get to mad at the gas station owner

I watched something that said the amount the gas station makes off a gallon of gas, is about 7% of the gallon price. Most of it goes to buy the gas from the provider, and taxes. It's why a lot of...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by sfeastbay

What religion should you follow?

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by Troll2016

Cobalt Magnet-Dirty Bombs ... Coming from S. Border...To YOUR Neighborhood, soon....

"Cobalt Magnet" is the codename for dirty bomb drills happening now in Austin Today's Situation Update is one of the most impactful I've recorded in a while. I'm covering the...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by FedUpToHere

Are American law makers "spending" money on war, or are they sending money oversees for their bank accounts?

Since Joe Biden was appointed as the guy occupying the chair reserved for the POTUS, the USA the policies that the Government of the USA seem to be an attempt to destroy the Nation i.e., they do not...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by tjdonegan

Original Wheedling Content

Man, I'm overwrought. Truly, a self-inflicted case of For the Umptimillionth Time Trying Too Hard to Conceive of Devastating Now-You'll-Finally-Shut-the-Fuck-Up Comebacks for Converations th...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by MisterCox

My personal journey from pro-life to pro-choice

Someone who was commenting on another person’s blog called me out on my pro-choice position. They lopped some of my personal stories, exchanged when we used to be friends and misinformation abo...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by scenefromtheleft


I graduated from college still adjusting to the assisstive living got a roomate now adjusting to that...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by vckmdnld

What's for Breakfast, Brunch, Elevensies, Lunch Snack, Supper, Dinner, Dessert and a couple Midnight Snacks?

If you're a certain age, it's the Same Old Thing. #1 - accept no substitutes is your own Mother's milk. #2 - milk from another Mother. #3 - The very best baby formula one can aquire. T...... Read More
Posted 4 days ago by 1derlander

The Canonization Of Carmelite Titus Brandsma

Killed by the Nazis during the WWII Holocaust~...... Read More
Posted 4 days ago by iamtheeggman


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